The music of the body

Our body is a musical instrument in every respect, a sound box (lung) and strings (vocal), every word we say is the musical matrix that creates frequency – energy movement, which works on our body and mind.
Even our name (and everything has a name) is such a musical matrix, but whose name we play regularly and “mtocntim “to respond to it in every fiber, and therefore the effect of the name (literally) touches every aspect of our lives – our name is the music of the body .

Secret letters of Medicine:
According to Judaism, letters, firm created the world, located in the counts (the tree of life – that describes the structure of the human body and the movement of energy within it), any count and signal quality associated with it that distinguishes it.
So according to the teachings of the East – the energy is channeled chakra, also indicate specific energies. (The same information different terminology)

The existence of the letter count / a chakra or absence indicates a specific level in the field of balance in our lives and the health of our body and mind.
The excess energy (heat) as well as a lack of blocking up can be a health problem. You can cure hemorrhoids, by playing such music.

Chakra located in the area of ​​neural or hormonal glands, you can see the difference between a balance or surplus / lack eg the throat chakra, located on the thyroid gland (thyroid) Conventional medicine is known about these three modes, (of course different terminology) as: hormonal imbalance / hyper / hypo gland. Each of these three situations implications for the functioning of our body and mind.
The same goes for other Bluetooth / chakras.

Quote from the teachings of Rabbi Giktlia:
“Compares own initials letters concerning weaving extremely knowledgeable doctor knows all the medicine and natural medicine ..:
All of them being separate from another medical need to know the nature and its powers and virtues,
Then you knew all natural medicine and medicine be apart as one would have to assemble the two medicines or B or C or D or more .. Then login any nature and nature from those medicines since then and now differ as intervene ..
Then the doctor will come to a complete medical purpose as necessary to illness, and if the doctor did not know all Sam Sam nature, separate himself will never be able to do assembly abusing according to medical need ..

And this is a secret way each letter and letter of the Torah, the Shai know have each letter forms and characteristics and its powers and its operations,
And become a member in letters or C or D or more, then connect the letters in the box and prepared to build upper wisdom created worlds,
These are the secrets of the Torah and depth, and it begs said David blessed and says Gal eyes and I may behold the wonders of Your Torah. “

Rabbi Giktlia claims that through the knowledge of the strength and nature of each letter, and knowing how to assemble them together in specific combinations, (just a trick, as consisting of a person’s name) needed balance and in need of recovery, you can get really speedy and complete recovery …

Ya-code method is a tool for understanding language in its depths – Knowledge of codes that change and create a reality.
Combinations combinations criss components, the different layers which creates a person’s perception of reality.