Optimistic About The Future and Technology

These are funny times, and I don’t mean the political or religious environment that we now have. I am referring to the disjoint between technology and users. I remember when the phone was a phone. Companies formerly had people to handle the switchboard. Nowadays, all that is done through SIP trunking.

I know how ironic it would seem for a blog to be discussing old things, which a majority of people don’t even know existed before. This was just 30 years ago, and less than half of the current population are younger than 30 years old. That alone is an improvement on the life expectancy and quality of life index, but I digress.

This is great time to be young. With all these technologies and new devices and gadgets, kids and young adults should be happy. Nowadays if you have one cell phone, you can still carry on a conversation with two other people on the line. Or you can send a text message. That also works. If you don’t like text messaging, you can chat over the phone. When I was younger, it made no sense to be writing notes and passing it along to the recipient unless it was the middle of an exam in school. Nowadays, people chat and send text message even while they’re sitting beside one another.

The advances and improvements in technology should be seen as a good omen for the future. We are not headed towards some self-destructive path. We have saved ourselves from the excessive use of DDT, and other pesticides, and we have now almost eradicated a lot of diseases via immunization. Those are all positive points.

When I see kids, I see potential. This is a generation which is riding on the shoulders of giants, and they don’t know it yet. There are a lot of tools available, which only need to be picked up, held and used.
After thirty years, the only telecommunication device which has not changed is the fax machine.

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